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Screen Printing is where we started and still makes up the majority of our business. Our presses are always working overtime for our customers, we love to work on orders from 10 to 10,000. We screen print t-shirts for schools, churches, running events, charities, businesses and many other events. You name it, we have printed it. If you only need one or even a few shirts check out our Sublimation or Direct To Garment Pages

Screen Printing involves creating a stencil, known as a screen, and then using that screen to apply ink on the printing surface. Each individual color is applied using a different screen, one at a time, combined to achieve the final look. The more colors a design has, the more screens that are needed, and the more setup time required. The more colors you use in your design, the higher the cost.

Quixo uses three types of ink/printing methods depending on the desired look and feel (hand) of the t-shirt or garment you choose. Plastisol ink is the best option for designs that require a high level of vibrancy. Plastisol inks are the most common type of ink used for general printing. They are bright, easy to work with and have a relatively low cost compared to other screen printing inks. Quixo also uses Water Based Inks in our print shop. Water based inks are an advanced screen printing ink and you won't find many shops that print with water based inks. Water based inks are not as bright as a plastisol ink but they can help achieve a more vintage look as well as having virtually no feel to them. Water based inks are absorbed into the garment during the printing process opposed to plastisol inks that sit on top of the garment. Our third printing method and ink type is called discharge printing. Discharge printing is not used very often but when done correctly can yield amazing results. With discharge printing there are two actions taking place at the same time. The first action is that all of the color from the dye in the shirt is whited out by the discharge activator in the ink. It is almost like bleaching a colored shirt. At the same time the pigment from the discharge ink re-colors the t-shirt. In essence you are removing the garment dye color and re-dying it to the color of your choosing. The number one benefit to this method of printing is that you cannot feel the print at all (after first wash).


Type of Garment: For almost every product type we have an inexpensive, mid-range, and high end option, and there are many styles to choose from – not just t-shirts!

Type of ink: Some printing methods require more work than others and have a premium fee

Quantity Ordered: Due to the setup involved in screenprinting, the more shirts you order, the lower your price will be as you pass price break points.

Number of Locations Printed: Each location requires new setup and runs for your imprint. A front print only will always be cheaper than a front and back print.

Number of Colors on Each Design: The number of colors in each design affects the run time and setup for each location. A one color print will be less expensive than a three color print. If you have a lot of colors and tones of colors in your design, a process print may be a cheaper solution.

In-Hands Date: Orders are produced on-demand for your due date. Garments needed in a few days from your order placement date will be more expensive than those needed in a few weeks.


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Type of Garment:

For almost every product type we have an inexpensive, mid-range, and high end option, and there are many styles to choose from – not just t-shirts!


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