What Else Can I Do With My Heat Press To Make Money?

I am often asked by people what can they do with their heat presses to generate more income.  If you are making cut vinyl heat transfer t-shirts and accessories then you may have come to realize by now that this process can be time consuming and in some cases may not be cost effective. Enter the world of plastisol heat transfers. A plastisol heat transfer is made by having your design screen printed (in reverse) on a special transfer paper that you apply with your heat press. This process still involves all of the aspects of screen printing so it comes with certain inherit costs associated with screen printing but with one key component no longer needed, the garment. Since you are having your design printed on a transfer paper that you apply to a shirt, bag or whatever you can press on, there is no need to pay a fee for the garment. Whats more, you don’t have to buy your design in every shirt color or size. For little more than the price of a roll of heat transfer vinyl you could order 50 plastisol heat transfers from Quixo Media & Promotions that are print ready with your design on them. All you have to do is warm up your heat press and press on. They take about 12-15 seconds to print. Imagine producing 50 ready-to-sell shirts in an hour, with no weeding vinyl whatsoever.

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