Web Designer For The Anderson – Lapel – Pendleton – Hamilton County Area


We offer a wide range of web design and online services ranging from a single landing/splash marketing pages to a full on eCommerce suite. Most of our sites are built on the wildly popular WordPress platform, giving you endless options for customization and functionality. WordPress also allows clients to edit and update their website without fear of making a mistake. We offer in-house web hosting and support for your convenience. We also offer integrated social media design as well. When you choose Quixo Media & Production to build your online brand you get seamless integration with most social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our system even allows you to check stats and make changes to your website from you phone or tablet.

We make your website act as a sales tool for you. It’s not enough to just put up a few pages and call it a website. We take you deeper than most local web design companies. We give you lead generation tools and functionality that most web designers don’t think of. I would think of us as part of your sales team, not your IT department.


Top among our web design services is eCommerce. Our go-to solution is WooCommerce for WordPress or Shopify. We can get your business online quickly so you can reap the rewards of selling online and social media marketing. We have many tools in our eComerce tool box to get you selling online today. Click here to see our full list of options.







Splash Pages & Product Landing Pages


Sometimes you just don’t need a full-blown website. We have a solution for that- splash/lead pages. Splash or landing pages are simple one or two page mini sites that are used to generate leads and sales for your business. They work best for offering a single product or service to generate sales or leads (build your email list). They can also be used to promote a special event. Splash pages do not require a domain name and can be setup quickly and without the expense of a large web design project.